Aikido is a Japanese martial art and a form of self-defence that uses locks, holds, throws, and the opponent’s own movements and momentum.

It is a martial art form which suits people of all size, shape and gender, and does not require significant physical strength.

Become more fit, flexible, and responsive to your body movements and that of others.

泰 然 館


TaiZen means self-possessed, imperturbable, and/or calm and self-possessed, cool and collected, showing no sign of nerves.

Kan means house, place.


TaiZenKan Dojo is affiliated with the Australasian Aikikai.

The Aikido dojo has been established in partnership with the Judo Central Coast – Kugatsu Judo Club (Judo Central Coast | Facebook). The dojo therefore offers many different classes including : kids and teenagers Judo, Adult and Women only Judo, Teenagers and Adults Aikido, Special Needs Judo and Judo Gymnastics.

The dojo atmosphere is one of a family martial center with a safe and respectful environment for all gender, age, race, religion or cultural background.

The dojo is located in Erina, the commercial hub of the Central Coast, easily accessible from all the Central Coast.